Rodecaster Pro Audio Interface Settings

  1. Ensure your Rodecaster Pro device’s firmware is fully up to date
  2. Plug your Microphone into Channel 1 with the XLR cable
  3. Plug your Headphones into the Headphone port
  4. Power On the Microphone
  5. Plug your Rodecaster Pro device into your computer with the USB cable
  6. Power On the Rodecaster Pro device
  7. On your Rodecaster Pro device click the Settings button (gear icon) in the upper left of the main screen
  8. Click Hardware
  9. Click Advanced
  10. Click Audio
  11. Toggle the switch On labeled Enable Mix-Minus
  12. On your computer select the Rodecaster Pro device as your Operating System default device for Microphone and Headphones
  13. Join your session on SquadCast and select your Rodecaster Pro device as the Microphone and Headphones

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